Sunday, January 13, 2013

Caleb's 1st Soccer game

Although Caleb has never practiced goalie or really knows all the rules of soccer he is a very eager boy and has dreamed of being goalie for years. So he volunteered to be goalie for his team at the first game. Within the first minute of the game he stopped 4 shots but on the 4th kick, getting it out of his area he booted the ball behind his head into his own goal. At half time he moved up to a forward position. He had such a great time playing and the game ended in a tie 4-4. I was in Flippin with him while Mike was in Mt Home at Titus' first game (which they lost). We met in the middle to grab lunch at Long John Silvers and talk about their games. Titus was on the Green Village Carpet Team and Caleb got to be on the Purple Cardiology Team. A year ago I am not sure he would have ever put a purple shirt it was kind of funny but he was OK with it.

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